Young Achievers

Ba dum tiss!

Isaac on the drums

“The humble shall be exalted”, and so was Isaac. He is an Asian record holder who broke the record for the longest drumming duration by playing for 66 hours non-stop! He performed the feat at St Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Kovur, Thandalam, Chennai. He feels youngsters must realize that talent is good, practice is better but passion is the best. He says, “Settle on either your passion or your profession and go with it, don’t get confused in between.”

20-year-old Isaac seems to yearn for perfection and speed; and the ocean is just not enough. He wants to break many more records for which he diligently practises for five hours every day. This final year BCA student of St Joseph’s, Kovur, balances both academics and drumming. He wants to be a legend and gives credit to his master Thiru Sathish and other heroes whom he idolizes and desires to meet — drummer Sivamani and Tony Royster. His dream is to share one day the same platform with them.

Drummer Isaac

Isaac’s passion for drumming began when he performed in church at the early age of seven. He began to pick up the nuances of drumming by watching YouTube videos of various international drummers. At the age of 15 he became a professional drummer playing for several movies and acting, too. His drumming is highlighted in the movie Veera Dheera Sooran. Since then nothing could stop this young lad from climbing upward.

Isaac’s future plans include starting a music institute. He loves social work and is part of several awareness campaigns like the helmet wearing awareness programme for motorists.

Isaac owes his success to his parents who supported him in pursuing his drumming passion and above all to God Almighty who gave him this beautiful talent. A very hardworking person, Isaac feels that he has miles and miles to go. “The seed of passion and hard work has reaped a harvest of endless glory”.

His message to teens: “Keep trying and never give up”.

 — Sandra Raj (Chennai)