Poets & Poetry

Ecstasy of my soul

The vibrant smiling flowers and the bright shining stars
Make me happy in my darkest hours.
The beautifully drizzling drops of rain
With which all my sorrows and pains are drained.
The arresting fragrance of the rain-wet soil
Washes away a whole day’s turmoil.
The very soothing coo of the dove,
Brings to us peace and teaches the art of love.

I follow the rainbow
To reach my horizon
A new hope is always born
With the glow of the dawn.

Your beauty has left me struck with wonder
I’m even thrilled to listen to the sound of thunder
The gleeful fluttering of butterflies
Could there be anything more pleasurable to my eyes
Being with you relieves me of all my sorrow
Your light paves the way for an illuminated tomorrow!