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Carly Rae Jepsen’s third album E•MO•TION brings us some bubblegum pop, and even though we would not label it as one of the best pop records we have heard so far, the singer-songwriter pulls out some good moments on the album.

The talented youngster who came out in 2011 with her hit Call Me Maybe, breaks out her 12 track album with Run Away With Me that has a catchy chorus and melody. She sings positively with her lyrics based on whether she and her lover leave the party together or not. On E•mo•tion, Carly hits out at a lover: “Be tormented by me, babe, In your head, and I won’t stop / Until you forget me, forget me not.”  Her sharp delivery of the lyrics pulls at the heartstrings at once.

Her biggest track is the very insistent I Really Like You with its infectious lyrics. The extremely fast-paced piece is hard to keep up with, but join Carly in professing your love to your lover. Her love for repeating words shows up on the album highlight Gimme Love. She slows the beat down with All That, a reflective ballad packed with serious lyrics on a love relationship. The songwriting, mostly done by Carly, is clever and mature and to the point, meant for her ever-growing teenage fans.

Boy Problems has a mid-tempo groove with the lyrics speaking about what she feels is the problem with girls who fall in love with boys, quite a fun track. You can give Making The Most Of The Night and Your Type a miss. Let’s Get Lost is totally a runaway song playfully with your mate.

More than 200 tracks were reportedly recorded until the final product was decided on. Carly also brought in some of the pop world’s most prestigious producers to help her out, including hit-makers Max Martin and Jack Antonoff, Scott “Scooter’ Braun and Justin Bieber. The deluxe version of the album has 18 tracks.

Warm Blood, her collaboration with little-known indie rock bands Zolas and Data Romance, produces a sweet vocal to a no-frills electronic production. The final track When I Needed You, is a fire blaster, booming loud and clear, that has Carly telling her boyfriend what she looks for in him and what she loves about him.

Overall, this is a good album, with a few hits and misses. You can listen to it again with your bunch of friends. Carly has some interesting material here for teen E.MO.TIONs. Lyrics included.

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