Enhancing your chances of getting a scholarship: Academics

To study abroad with a full scholarship is a dream come true for almost everybody who decides to get into the game of applications to study abroad. So what differentiates those who manage to get the scholarship from those who don’t get the funding? Even though there is no one formula as scholarship winners are as much same as they are different. But let’s take a closer look at what may be some of the factors that could potentially convince an admissions committee to award the scholarship to one candidate over another.

1. Consistent Academic Record

There is no getting away from it. A steady performance in academics demonstrates to the admissions committee that a candidate is dependable and hardworking. So if you are in school/college and reading this do make sure that you study hard and maintain good marks. Do apply for those Olympiads and work towards them as every attempt to reach the state or the national level will strengthen your academic foundation and take you further in your quest for success. However, if due to any reason your academics take a dip, address it in your application. For instance, if one year your academics dipped because you lost focus and did not study that hard, mention what you learned from that experience in your application. The admissions committee does not expect candidates to be perfect but they are curious to assess how the candidate has coped with the situation.

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Shivani Manchanda
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