Explore the ocean depths with the world’s first luxury underwater drone

Ocean Eye underwater drone diving beneath the surface of the ocean

YouCan Robotics’ OceanEye is a luxury underwater drone engineered with aquatic exploration in mind. It features an eight-motor design with omnidirectional stability and 360-degree mobility. These motors are fully sealed and saltwater corrosion resistant. It has a top speed of 6.6 feet per second and a maximum dive depth of 328 feet. The OceanEye captures images on a 4K/30 fps camera with image-stabilization technology, and offers 10 metres of visibility with its four LED high-beam spotlights. Like other underwater drones, it is connected to its surface operator via a communications tether. Users can control the drone from dry land via a smartphone, tablet or remote control, and view the feed live, while video and photos are stored on a 64GB memory card. OceanEye is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery that provides between 30 minutes and 1 hour of use. It comes with tools such as a grabber arm, water collector, water samplers, and sonar.