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Far away friend

She was walking with me a few years past,
That time for me, the world was vast.
But I had to bid her goodbye,
This moment had to come, but why?
She was greater than anyone to me,
As no one else would be.
She was the one, who made me smile,
Far away she went, more than a mile.
More than any gem she was valuable to me,
Always together we used to be.
When I was sad, she used to make me happy,
Even though she herself was unhappy.
Not only my friend, she was my sister and guide,
Who helped me face this world so wide.
In trouble, she was always there for me,
She was a gift sent by God to me.
Her memories will remain with me,
No matter how far she’ll be.
I always feel her presence,
In spite of her absence.
May God keep her safe and sound,
And help her to find all the bounds.
No matter how old I’ll be,
She will remain a dearest friend to me.