Fashion trends that took 2019 by storm

With 2019 coming to an end, let’s take a look at the trends that took the fashion industry by rage. Every year we see multiple trends making a comeback and while most of them are here to stay, a lot of them just couldn’t handle the comeback and failed. With every passing year, we see more people becoming fashion-conscious, and with increased buying power, more people are investing their money in the latest trends. From Bollywood celebs to regular people, all have been sporting trendy looks this entire year. Besides the designer market, the retail market has changed as well and with Instagram taking its fame a notch higher, fashion trends are easier to find out about and follow easily.

Alia Bhatt wearing Indian outfit

With this year ending you may want to enjoy the taste of the trendy before the year changes and so does the trend. Let’s take a look at all the best trends of 2019 that you may want to say goodbye to with a bang!

Noodle strap

Model wearing sequinned dress

This old trend has come back but it’s much classier now. Wear a dress with noodle straps and look stunning. This trend is not limited to dresses. It’s essential to keep it classy because one little mistake with the style can make it go from classy to cheap.


Katrina Kaif wearing a yellow pantsuit

This shimmery glittery fashion has taken the fashion world by storm. Dig out that sequined dress from your wardrobe or invest in a beautiful desi sequined outfit for the festive season. But it’s not just a look that you can don only during New Year celebrations. Don’t shy away from wearing sequins throughout the year, too.


Suits are not just something that men can wear. We’ve seen many actresses empowering genderless fashion with stylish pantsuits. From sporty pantsuits to stylish red carpet ones, we’ve seen all of them. Pick a chic pantsuit in a colour you prefer before this formal but chic trend ends.

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