Candid Moments from Teens

Fevicol fun!

Cartoon glue stickI was in the tenth grade. It was our art and craft class and the teacher had asked us to bring a 1 kg bottle of Fevicol each for some kind of craft. Our girl gang was sitting on the last benches. I applied a thick layer of Fevicol on the last bench beside me. One of our friends came back from the washroom and sat with me. She didn’t notice the Fevicol as it had become almost transparent. After some time, when the teacher told her to get some chalks from the next class, she got up and a cheeky tearing noise was heard! The whole class burst into laughter. The Fevicol had stuck to her skirt as a white band and it looked so funny that we held our stomachs laughing. She still has that skirt and we can’t stop laughing remembering that experience.
Pahul Sond (18)