Five Ways to Instantly Boost Confidence and Self-belief

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Many people think that being confident means speaking in a massive auditorium or making a big career choice. Whereas the confidence people experience in everyday life can be something as simple as choosing the clothes you wear with confidence. There’s no worry present — just a decisive, simple, effortless, determined act of picking out the items that you want to wear. The word ‘confidence’ comes from Latin confidentia and confidere which means to ‘to have full trust’.

My definition of confidence is being comfortable in your own skin — authentic and natural. Just being yourself. Truly confident people are authentically themselves and they don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not — they feel perfectly good enough just the way they are.

Being confident helps us deal with unknown situations and uncertainty. This may be uncertainty about speaking in front of people, exams, what to study or what to wear. So confidence and self-belief are what we really need.

Confidence is a state of mind and body; it’s also a habit — a habit that can be learned and turned on at will. Here are five tools to give you inner self-confidence and a strong belief in yourself and your abilities to handle life’s challenges. Once you have practised these tools and techniques, you will be able to tap into your natural confidence whenever you want. You will be able to walk into a room, give a presentation, interview or handle a challenging situation with total self-confidence.

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Dr Resham Satyani is an educator by profession and a teen life coach by passion.

Dr Resham Satyani

Dr Resham Satyani is an educator by profession and a teen life coach by passion.