Flora – Green Focus

Screenshot of Flora Green Focus app

Flora offers a green way to stay off your phone, clear to-do lists, and build life-changing habits. Flora blocks distracting apps in a pleasant way to help you focus on what’s important. Plant a seed in Flora, and as you progress towards your goals, the seed will grow into a healthy tree. If you leave Flora for social media or games while growing a tree, the tree dies! If you don’t, you’ll unlock new trees. Create a to-do item and set a reminder; tag your trees with a to-do item to track the progress. Grow trees regularly to earn a beautiful garden, with each tree a record of your hard work. Daily, weekly or monthly statistics help you improve your time-management skills. Challenge friends to plant trees together; if you successfully stay away from your phones together, each of you will win an additional tree. You can also chat and share your progress with each other. Flora’s opt-in Price and Care service lets you plant real trees if you kill or successfully grow a tree in the app.