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Food Safety: Look for the Unexpected

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In a world where food security is intricately linked with global health and economic stability, ensuring the safety of our food supply has never been more critical. As we approach World Food Safety Day 2024, the theme “Prepare for the Unexpected” serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving challenges faced by our food systems. From pathogens to environmental hazards, the landscape of food safety is constantly shifting, demanding proactive measures and innovative solutions to safeguard public health and well-being.

What is Food Safety?

“Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent food borne diseases.” It’s not the responsibility of just the regulatory body or the food industry alone, but a shared responsibility between the government, producers, industry, and consumers.

Every year, World Food Safety day is celebrated on 7 June. This year’s theme underlines the importance of being prepared for food safety incidents — where there is potential or confirmed health risk associated with food consumption such as food frauds or natural disasters.

When it comes to food safety, the spotlight of scrutiny often shines brightly on manufacturers and producers. Yet, amidst this scrutiny, a pivotal player often remains in the shadows: the Consumer. As we approach World Food Safety Day, it is imperative to shift our focus towards the essential role that consumers play in the intricate web of food safety.

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Sharleen Zacharia

Sharleen Zacharia is a trained Nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics.