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For the last time

by Ankita Palit Chowdhury (17)
St Xavier’s School, Siliguri

The rolling waves of the sea
Dash against my heart
I wish to withstand them with all my might,
For the last time.
The darkness of the night
Dawns upon me
I wish to see myself
For the last time.
A storm agitates my mind
I wish to recollect all the moments
For the last time.
The cold breeze
Freezes my soul
But I wish,
To hold my breath
For the last time.
With every passing second
The mysterious night
Engulfs me.
It is then, that I wish
I had been able,
To break all the barriers
And live freely
For the last time.
I scream, shout and urge
To set me free
But alas!
Soon do I realize,
There is no one to hear me.
As years back,
The world had bid farewell to me.
And here do I lie
In eternal sleep.

This poem has been published in the February 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.