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A picture won’t do justice, for beauty is in motion,
Words of forever do not denote devotion;
Rhymes may capture a sliver of a moment —
My amateur verses remain limited to Facebook, like and comment.

Forever is beyond death and time,
Interminable, infinite and sublime.
Hazel Grace got her forever within numbered days,
Severus Snape redeemed his lost love after all this while, always.

Once we were perfect running schemes,
A joyful river, a flowing stream;
I never saw this sunset coming,
A surreal yet perfectly painful ending.

Someday the sun will cease to bring vivacity,
The ground upon which we stand will lose its tenacity.
Why expect so much from this fragile notion?
Forever is but an illusion.

Emotions nowadays have a touch of whimsy,
Forever is something so flimsy;
It only dwells in lore,
Give me infinity or speak of it no more.