Teen Point of View

Fostering athletic talents in our country for a better performance

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: As India achieved fourth place at the 19th Asian Games with a record haul of 107 medals, what steps should be implemented at both the central and state levels to foster and raise athletic talents in our country for a better performance?

To raise athletic talents in the country the following should be considered:
1. Establishing initiatives in schools to introduce sports early, identifying and nurturing talent from a young age.
2. Introducing scholarships to support promising athletes, enabling them to focus on training without financial constraints to help encourage poor but talented athletes.
3. Investing in training and development programmes for coaches, ensuring they have the skills to identify and nurture talents effectively.
4. Educating the public about the importance of sports, encouraging participation and fostering a culture that values athletic excellence.
5. Implementing nutrition programmes to ensure athletes receive proper dietary guidance for optimal performance and recovery.
By implementing these measures at the state and central level, we can create a robust framework for identifying, nurturing, and supporting athletic talents, contributing to overall better performance in sports.
Priya Raj (14)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

To foster athletic talents in India, a holistic approach is needed. Central and state governments should invest more in grassroots sports programmes, enhance sports infrastructure, and provide better coaching facilities. Additionally, promoting a sports culture in schools and colleges is crucial. Offering scholarships and financial incentives for athletes, irrespective of their background, can help create a level playing field. Encouraging private sector involvement in sports development can also boost India’s performance on the international stage.
Divya Singh (14)
Notre Dame School, Badarpur, New Delhi

India has shown a lot of improvement in sports in recent years and it is mainly because of talented athletes and the policy of the Indian Government. To raise athletic talents in our country for better performances: 1. New planned policies should be formulated by the government. 2. The budget for sports should be raised. 3. The government should promote and encourage talented athletes who have the potential to excel at the international level. 4. It should provide good training centres and nutritious food along with better equipment. 5. It should support especially girls/women training, and also participation at both the national and international level.
Sneha Sharma (15)
St Mary’s Convent Inter College, Prayagraj

Improving athletic talents in India requires investing in sports infrastructure, implementing grassroots programmes, offering specialized coaching, providing financial support, and emphasizing sports education in schools. A collaborative effort between central and state authorities, the private sector, and sports organizations is crucial to create a comprehensive ecosystem fostering talent development.
R. Yazhini (14)
St Joseph’s Matric Hr Sec School, Nagercoil

A few measures can be taken by the government or a community to accelerate athletic talents in our country:
1. Building proper sports setup in schools with basic necessities.
2. Assurance of annual sports programmes in school.
3. Parents should be encouraged to allow their children to take part in sports.
4. Various governmental schemes and scholarships for easy access to sports for the rural community.
5. Sports insurance programmes in schools.
Sara Tamseel Khwaja
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Bankipore, Patna

Some suggestions to improve performance are: Attract young budding talents by revamping our education system with equal importance given to sports. Then world class training centres need to be developed and sports universities to be established. A categorical separation of management and sports activities. Increased investment through corporate sponsorship for funds. Integration of sports academies with schools and colleges.
Yuvraj Singh Rajput (12)
Notre Dame School, Badarpur, New Delhi

India has a rich athletic history with many talented athletes in various sports. Indian athletes have won medals at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. Overall, India’s athletic prowess continues to grow, inspiring future generations.
The following steps can be taken to raise athletic talents in our country for better performances:
Provide good coaches, nutritionists, doctors, support staff.
Provide modern equipment.
Support players if they are poor.
Start from the lower classes in schools.
Teach youngsters the importance of sports in life.
Indians should develop an interest in other sports apart from cricket.
Invite foreign coaches to India to train players.
Girls’ High School, Prayagraj

India mostly focuses on a particular sport like cricket, and rarely prioritizes other sports. The government should give equal importance to every sport so that any sport could achieve national pride. In India, the caste system is prevalent in most rural areas of the country, and it is mostly the richer sections of society that are given facilities. So while participating in sports there should be no inequality between players. There should be proper infrastructure and training facilities in educational institutions especially in underdeveloped states like Bihar and Odisha.
Ananya Mohanty (15)
SAI International School, Bhubaneswar

India is achieving great feats in the field of athletics, but much is yet to be done. The state governments should build coaching centres specifically for sports and provide financial support for the less privileged to access them. Various competitions and events should be held all over India to find those with athletic talents who may be competent to participate in international competitions. To encourage children to have an interest in a particular activity, the government should mandate that athletics be taught as a subject in educational institutions.
Aadya Kumar (13)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

This year onwards, e-sports has been recognised as an official sport at the Asian Games. India has the second largest game base in the world. However, Indian parents still take online games as a ‘mere hobby’ and see no future in it. The same goes with other sports as well. The main cause of this is the lack of awareness among people. The government should come up with promotions to make people aware of the sports world and the bright future in it. There must be sports institutions in every district and financial support should be provided to athletes. Undoubtedly, most Indians are cricket lovers and don’t look beyond it. The government should promote every sport. Additionally, schools must have good coaches and trainers so that students can build an interest in becoming athletes.
Anwesha Ajay (13)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna