Gandhian values to transform the world

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation, belongs to the world. He set a true example of great leadership, and set India free from the British rule. As we remember him on 2 October, his birthday, THE TEENAGER TODAY brings you Gandhian thoughts that can inspire and motivate, and have the power to transform the world.

My life is my message

Gandhiji courageously affirmed: “My life is my message”. Truth and love were the essence of his life. His life was an expression of his core belief. During the freedom struggle, he preached and practised Ahimsa or non-violence. His passion for truth and his willingness to give his life for it, always choosing the way of peace, when practised, can enhance the inner beauty of our lives.

Be willing to remake yourselves

Gandhiji always walked the path of truth and had the courage to live by his convictions. He knew that he was doing the right thing in the right place for the good of the people. He was determined and dedicated to the task of remaking himself. His concepts of Satyagraha and Ahimsa sparked interest and enthusiasm in many people. He was a tireless seeker of the truth and was well aware that truth alone will set one free. This acquires greater significance when we read it in the light of his own life. As he was consciously engaged in the task of remaking himself, he was offering his valid contribution to re-design the world.

Winning battles with the strength of non-violence

Many have won great battles for social and political transformation using the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Martin Luther King, champion of the American civil rights movement; Nelson Mandela who brought an end to apartheid in South Africa, the Dalai Lama who advocates a peaceful resolution in Tibet; Aung San Suu Kyi who struggled to bring democracy in Myanmar (Burma); and Cesar Chavez who fought to reduce exploitation of farm workers in California, have all acknowledged Gandhi’s role in their lives and work.

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Dr Teresa Joseph

Dr Teresa Joseph

Dr Teresa Joseph, FMA, is a Salesian Sister who holds a Master’s degree in Science of Education. She has authored several books including Dream Big, Dream True and Teachers Are Like Stars published by Better Yourself Books.