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Gift from the Almighty

The earth I live in is a gift to me by the Almighty,
It was my duty to keep it neat and tidy,
By my negligence I became a curse for the very thing,
‘Cause I became an animal and they became a blessing.

After a series of lockdowns man is back on street,
I hope we never forget the situations we did meet,
We once caged the animals as it was our hobby,
But how did you feel when you weren’t allowed to see your own baby?

I’m sure they had a lot to say,
How they were suddenly free and we were nowhere,
As the saying goes most appropriately, “as you sow so shall you reap,”
Nature had to teach us a lesson for our behaviour so very cheap.

Now when the lockdown is over, please remember,
That God made you like Him, so you are definitely the master,
Not to abuse His creation but to care and flourish,
Perhaps it’s our only chance lest we all perish.