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What is global communications?

What is Global Communication or International Communication or Global Studies? I have read about it but didn’t exactly understand what this is about. What kinds of jobs, national or international, can be expected once we finish our education in the field? What will be my future in this career? What kind of pay can we expect and in what industry are we likely to get a job with this degree?
Varsha Geeta Tanna

Global Communication (also referred to as International Communication or Transnational Communication) is the communication practice that occurs across international borders. It examines national and transnational media as part of a global system of news flow, political interaction and cultural exchange.

These days many companies which have offices abroad keep a global communication team. This team is responsible for finding ways to enhance the perceptions of everyone who comes into contact with the company. It liaises with media, brand representatives and works with multiple departments within the company to develop and refine brand initiatives that support a company’s mission and business strategy.

As a member of this team, you’ll partner with company and business leaders to develop and execute strategic communications using a wide range of techniques and technologies — writing, relationship building, social media, events, speeches, presentations, one-on-one persuasion, and more.

Candidates for Global Communications should have strong communications skills and an innate ability to tap into creativity, manage relationships and develop and deliver both external and internal communication and public relations strategies. They should also be able to meet deadlines, determine priorities, and shepherd developing projects.

In India, this specialization is not very popular. But if you’re interested, then you can go for MBA (International Business). It is a six trimester general management programme with a focus on international business. The programme aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating all the important areas and disciplines relevant to international business activities.

Starting salary depends on the institute from where they’ve done MBA. An IIM grad starts with `14-15 lakhs per annum, while a person who has done MBA from an average college may start only with `5 lakh per annum.