Teen Point of View

Government — only strong as much as people are willing to defend it

TOPIC: A government or any other institution is only strong as much as the people are willing to defend it!

A government or any other institution is meant for the public. As long as the civilians are satisfied by the service, they (civilians) continue to defend them (institutions). However, the moment the quality of the provided service starts dwindling, people may not trust them. And that is what will lead to the ultimate collapse of the government or institution. It is amply clear that people and only people, are those that lay the foundation of eventual success and prosperity of such establishments. Hence, the interests of citizens ought to be their prime concern; not profits and losses.
Diya Vinod Surjuse (16)

I agree with the statement. Government is by the people and is fragile without their support. If people are willing to uphold it, it’s strong. On the day when people stop supporting a particular institution, its value will tend to decrease.
Prina Bhardwaj (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

A government or an Institution is run by the country’s people and if the individuals will not support it, the system cannot function effectively. One such example can be of the U.S. Elections 2020. In the election, Trump lost, yet 60-70 per cent Republicans believed that Trump was right, and the election was rigged.
Rashmo Mehta (14)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli

A democracy depends on a well-designed system and institutions, but it also depends on norms, on behaviour, on the character of the people. A government represents the people it governs. It will work as long as the people who elected it to power support it. So, I fully agree with the statement and strongly feel that a government/an institution is only so strong as much as people who are willing to defend and support it.
Gargi Mohan Kothe (16)

Democracy means rule of the people, for the people and by the people. People play a major role in democracy; so it goes without saying that a government can be strong only when people support it. So, no institution is strong if it is not supported by the people.
Saanvi Bhalla (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

“United we stand, divided we fall.” This is a very commonly-used phrase which is often used to inspire unity and power among people. If we want to flourish as a progressive country, then we have to defend our Institutions and the government. We must rise up to the challenges and work together to defend the country.
Nishtha Sharma (15)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar