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I have heard many people complaining that there is no opportunity for them as someone is already doing what they always wanted to do. But they don’t realize that they must grab the opportunity. When I started my training programme, there were many established trainers in the field already. But I knew that my story is different from theirs. Even if the stories were similar, I can say it differently.

The Universe gives everyone equal opportunities but only a few grasp the opportunities given to them and make the best of them. I lost many golden opportunities in life but there is no use fretting over them. I look out for new opportunities now.

When I was working in Singapore, I used to think that there are no opportunities in Singapore as the economy has saturated. In spite of that I started a training business there, and it is doing well today. Later, I started my freelance training in India, and many of my friends told me that there are no training opportunities in the country. But, later on I realized there are so many opportunities that I had to turn down some of the invitations as I could not handle them all. A great opportunity might be where you are now but you are not able to recognize it.

A pessimist says, “OPPORTUNITY IS NOWHERE”, while the optimist would say, “OPPORTUNITY IS RIGHT HERE!”

With every dawn comes numerous opportunities. Those who are able to recognize it, grab them! Those who cannot recognize them will miss them!

With every dawn comes numerous opportunities. Those who are able to recognize it, grab them! Those who cannot recognize them will miss them! Take a look at your life and list down the opportunities you have missed in recent times that have caused you dearly. All of us encounter problems in our everyday life; but there could be a bigger opportunity in them for you.

In Singapore, I was working for one of the best companies under the best management. I had no problems with the management. Yet, I was unhappy. I took the leap of faith and realized that there are better opportunities of growth there for me. I took courage to pursue my dreams and many of my dreams came true when I took that leap.

An opportunity came due to a problem. The problem was that I was unhappy with the job and the quest for meaning in life that gave me the opportunity to resign from my job and come back to India and set up ‘Genius Minds Academy’ to inspire and transform young lives. The number of e-mails I receive today are testimonials to the difference I could make in these lives. I am much happier today and am enjoying every moment of my career.

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Denny Joseph is an International Corporate Trainer, Career Coach and a certified Neuro‐Linguistic Programme (NLP) practitioner. He is the author of Design Your Destiny and Speak With Confidence. He is the founder of Genius Minds Academy (GMA) in Bangalore and co-founder of Nexus Training International in Singapore.