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Green noise: the new secret of sound sleep

Young woman lying down and sleeping on green grass
Image by benzoix on Freepik

White noise has long been favoured for its ability to drown out distractions and lull us into a peaceful sleep. However, there’s a new entrant in the world of sleep sounds — green noise — the soothing rustle of leaves, the gentle flow of a forest stream, or the harmonious chirping of birds. White noise can be a whirring fan, radio or television static, humming air conditioner, etc.

Green noise encompasses all audible frequencies like white noise. However, unlike white noise, green noise emphasises lower frequencies, creating a sound that is softer and more soothing than the harsher, static-like sound of white noise. It is non-intrusive and reminiscent of peaceful natural settings.

Green noise can be beneficial for sleep because of its calming properties and ability to mask background noises that might disturb sleep. It can also be used to enhance focus and concentration, especially in noisy environments. It also finds application in relaxation and stress reduction techniques, and in managing tinnitus, a condition characterised by ringing in the ears.