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Growing rate of air pollution in India

APRIL 2018 TOPIC: How can we contain the growing rate of air pollution in the country?

We all know that our Planet is suffering badly from various environmental issues. Air pollution is one of them. Many countries have responded to this reality with seriousness and rigorous measures, but sadly in India people continue to pollute environment in many ways. The best way to control pollution is to encourage the youth. They are the future leaders of our country. Give them knowledge about the future consequences of polluting the environment and convince them of the need to take adequate steps today. Air pollution can be controlled by planting more trees and avoid the use of vehicles for short distance and use cycles or walk. Use public transport for travelling long distances. This will reduce traffic and air pollution. In conclusion I would say: “This Earth has given us life, now it is our duty to protect it”.
Divyakriti Masaun


Air pollution should be treated as a health issue rather than an environmental issue. A closer analysis of the data, obtained through R.T.I. and previous studies on air pollution, pinpoint that the continued use of fossil fuel is the main culprit for the dangerous rise in the level of pollutants in the air across the country. It is important to look at both the technical solutions, such as servicing one’s cars to reduce emissions, and also structural solutions such as having proper regulatory bodies and proper monitoring. It needs to be tackled systematically.
Sukanya Basu Mallik (19)
Techno India College


The Lancet claimed that 1.1 million Indians die premature deaths due to air pollution. The solution lies in initiating a public transport revolution, car pooling and using foot walks and bicycles for short distances. We must retrofit our vehicles with BS VI standards and preferably switch to Electric Vehicles. The minimization of waste by the 4Rs: Reuse, Refuse, Reduce and Recycle will reduce the load on waste management agencies. Green initiatives are vital. The government must incentivize stubble management in the northern states and enforce strict penalties on polluting industries.
Shailja Pandey (20)


Gases are a major cause of air pollution. It is virtually impossible to eliminate entirely all emissions of gases in the atmosphere. It is more sensible to aim at reduction of pollutants to a point so that serious adverse effects are eliminated. People should be made aware of the harmful effects of air pollution. Factories should be relocated to outside of the cities. Air treatment plants should be installed. The problems created by air pollution are worsening day by day and it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy and pollution free environment.
Hifza Hafeez (13)
St Mary’s Convent Inter College, Allahabad


In the past few years we have seen a sudden surge in pollution levels of several metropolitan cities of our country. It is mainly due to the rise in the number of automobiles, factories and also due to household activities like burning of waste, fallen leaves, plastic bags, fallen twigs, wooden articles, etc. One of the ways to lower the level of pollution is to avoid burning of waste in the open areas but rather dispose them effectively and even reuse it creatively. People can opt to travel using public transport or by simple ways of cycling and even carpooling. Factories and those using polluting machineries should be made mandatory to install air purifiers like scrubbers and to update and repair their machines time to time. Only then can we curb this soaring level of pollution in our cities.
Senjuti Saibal Bhattacharya (17)
St Joseph’s High School and Jr. College, Navi Mumbai

The very air we breathe has become harmful to our health. That is the kind of pollution we are living with. Everyone has to work towards a pollution free world. One needs to think, ‘in what all ways can I avoid contributing to pollution and contribute to the betterment of the environment’? Initiatives such as use of bicycles instead of vehicles, use of CNG and support the government projects like ‘Swachata Abhiyan’ and ‘Clean Ganga’, create awareness about air pollution.
Sejal Shingne (16)
Fatima Convent School, Achalpur


Air pollution is one of the biggest debilitating factors in our country’s progress. Awareness through various means is a must to curb it. Large number of trees should be planted so that they absorb the increasing carbon dioxide. Burning of waste should be avoided. The increased usage of CFC’s and HFC’s in refrigerator coolants should be contained. People should be encouraged to use the public transport. Factories should ensure that the smoke being released is free of harmful chemicals. People should use eco-friendly products. People should also abide by the pollution control norms. Curbing air pollution has become the need of the hour.
Gurleen Kaur Chona (20)
PGDAV College, New Delhi


Air pollution is increasing unabated. It is high time that we focus our efforts in arresting the growing rate of air pollution in the country. Forestation is the most effective method to revive the air quality in foreseeable future. Covering the brown de-nuded hills with green will reduce the deterioration of atmospheric air. Introducing zero-pollution norms in industries, phasing out the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture, encouraging the use of public transport and carpooling etc., are some of the measures to keep this menace under check.
Donna John (20)
Morning Star Home Science College, Ernakulam


Those who can control the polluted situation of India are its youth. They have the key of revolution. We should limit the use of the luxurious vehicles. Actually, the best way to arrest pollution is to use bicycle and public transport instead of using private vehicles. We can also organise the odd even formula that Delhi had practised, in every part of country. Many steps have been taken to plant trees – it is no time for speeches, let us find more ways to reduce the air pollution. As someone suggested: ‘Don’t ask what can my country do for me, ask what I can do for my country’. After all we have to make the black skies blue.
Riya Dange (15)
Fatima Convent School, Achalpur


Air pollution is a threat to our country. It is increasing at an alarming rate and needs immediate attention. Taking into consideration the bad quality of air in Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities the government should take immediate action to better the situation. Use of CNG cars and carpooling can help in decreasing traffic on the road and to reduce the air pollution. Nowadays, people are encouraging ‘scooter pooling’ which is a wise choice. As many people in our country are ignorant of the harmful consequences of air pollution, it is very important to educate the countrymen about the threat of air pollution. Such education and well thought out action plan will better the situation of our country!
Sharvari R. Joshi (16)
Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai


Air pollution is a very serious issue in our country. Measures are to be taken to contain the growing rate of air pollution. To prevent the harm caused by air pollution, estates should be established away from cities and forests should be grown to help to reduce the pollution of air.
Simone Fernandes (13)
St Charles High School, Vakola, Mumbai