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Growing up

Being a teenager can sometimes be such an uphill task. You will have millions of things running all through your little brain. This phase of your life can sometimes be the most beautiful time and sometimes the worst. Emotional turmoil would be your constant companion. Growing up will be very complex.

You know your priorities in life. Still you will choose to give more importance to the less important elements. Your brain? It works in a very strange manner. One moment it will make you think everything evil about the people you dislike, but then your conscience will fight for you and push you to believe that there is still some good left in the world. One moment you will sit and cry over lost relationships and broken friendships, and the next moment you’ll stand up, wipe your tears and somewhere in your heart believe that everything will change. Sometimes you act so maturely that no one can comprehend and sometimes you’re worse than a 5-year-old. You’ll take no time to switch from one thought to another. For instance, how can your parents be so ignorant about the changes that have happened since their time and sometime later you’ll run to seek their advice when you run into a cul-de-sac. You will be clueless about everything around you. It will all be a strange dish that you’ve prepared for yourself with a messed-up recipe. And to cope with all the ruckus that you create for yourself, music shall be your drug during teen years. Upset? You have a track for that. Happy? You celebrate it with an uplifting composition. It’ll be something that will act like your perfect buddy; one who adjusts itself according to your mood and needs.

One moment you will sit and cry over lost relationships and broken friendships, and the next moment you’ll stand up, wipe your tears and somewhere in your heart believe that everything will change.

You know what things can make you feel good about yourself but still you will choose to fight with the negative around you. A ‘career sword’ hangs over your head and still you’ve no idea what you want to do with your life. You don’t know what your passion is or maybe you don’t have the courage to stand for it.

The last time you talked to a friend you decided never to bring up the same topic again. But today again you wish to have a conversation on the same old topics and again. You want to set things straight even when you have all the right to cease your over-exhausting thoughts.

You feel you’re the master of your world and have the power to change absolutely everything even when you know that you have been pulled back a number of times. (This is what I admire about teens like me. No matter what, we still believe in giving everything yet another try, who knows what comes next!)

Your relationships will matter the most to you. That one friend who has the power to make you or break you, that friend will always be special no matter what. That one person whose hug lets you release all the tensions for that second, that person will matter to you. That one soul to whom your attachment could never be diminished even after they have left you forever. That one human who will understand you the most when you expect the least. These relationships for you will be the most treasured assets. You’ll long to meet these people, hug them and tell them that they ARE special.

One of the most special relationships would be the one you share with the novels you read. The books you choose to read, they change you. You’re close to them. You’re attached to all the characters. In fact, you don’t just read the story, you try and live it. You search for similar circumstances and people around you. And when you finish a book, it’s difficult for you to change your world and live the real life again for the other was so special for you.

You know you will be pulled back many times. You’ll suffer from so much disappointment that you’ll promise yourself not to be the same again; and then the next day you are the old you. People will not always reciprocate everything; you’ll cry over it, but you’ll never be able to stop feeling the same for them. You will make more lifetime rivals than lifetime friends. You’ll judge others by their actions and yourself by your intention and then end up telling almost everyone that they have changed.

You’ll leave no stone unturned in order to make your life complex; you will be bored if you don’t challenge everything that comes and hence ultimately end up fighting every day. And I personally feel this is what the most important part is. The teenage years teach you how to cope with everything — peer pressure, family issues, friendships, choices for your life and everything you need to know. This golden period is a blessing in disguise. You don’t just live some 6 years of your life; you grow in your life, in your thoughts, in your actions. You will learn to be your own friend, your own counsellor, your own companion and your own teacher. You will begin to love being with yourself. You will know that life inside your little apartment is much better than the big world outside. You will be so much wiser and better!

Cheers to these precious years; cheers to our teenage years!