Happy Birthday, dear Dr Kalam

Abdul Kalam with school children

I’ve tried several times to think of one person who lived on this planet in our lifetime, who is greater than Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. It is impossible for me to think of anyone with the incredible concoction of brilliance, simplicity, modesty, compassion, wisdom and empathy that the 11th President of India had.

No wonder he has inspired millions and shall continue to do so like none other can! This truest Ratna of Bharat, adorned the highest and revered seat of the nation without allegiance to any political party or political ideology, or political dynastic elite, and was the heartthrob of the nation in every sense of the word much before he took oath as the President of India.

Even his smile and compassionate and caring ways remained the same if not a little more endearing, despite being on top of a ladder where only few manage to reach.

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Dr Navniit Gandhi

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