Hearts of love

Just two of us,
At the roof top
It’s 3 a.m.
Sitting beside each other,
Only covered with clothes
Nothing else covers us
Except the silence all around, and the
Night sky above us.
We together uncover
All our fears,
Our every lie
Peeling off layer by layer.
Our unrealized love
Waits to be uncovered.
Our eyes locked
Looking deeply into each others’
Erasing your past
While wiping away your tears.
You hold my hand
When lightning struck.
The first drop of rain,
Gave you goose bumps,
Now you feel no more pain.
The way our fingers intertwine
Just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle,
Your soul and mine
Completed each other’s
For an eternal lifetime.
When you were no more scared
With your heart of stone
The silence broke.
Just like the magnificent dawn,
Your heart of love was born.
After a long wait
Your eyes sparkled,
With innocence.
We smiled
Brighter than light
While hugging
Each other tight.
Purest love
For the first time
You realized.