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Though his music is not really making chart history, Robbie Williams is in the news for all the wrong reasons; last year he had a tiff with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page when the latter moved into the neighbourhood, and later hitting out at Russians in his song Party Like A Russian.

His eleventh album has a few catchy melodies, not too many great hooks, and lyrics that are really just not great shakes. The album opener is a big brass setup and big sound that gets a two-star rating. Party Like A Russian saves the day with a pop effect and should be a party anthem for some time. The song uses a sample of Sergei Prokofiev’s Dance Of The Knights (better known as The Apprentice theme to most of the UK).

Mixed Signals could be one of the standouts of the album with its electric guitar undertone that gives off an ‘80s power-anthem style. Penned by The Killers, the chorus has Robbie taking control with some sharp vocals. Love Of My Life is co-written by Snow Patrol with some zesty humour in its lyrics that go: “I love my life / I am powerful / I am beautiful / I am free.” We see no reason why Robbie has the song Bruce Lee here, unless of course it’s probably a tribute to the martial artist whose name literally rules the world.

Cutting down the tempo a bit we have the infectious Sensitive, a soulful love song with a funky bassline and good beats. David’s Song is a tribute to Robbie’s long-time manager David Enthoven who passed away last year. “Please, don’t let me go / While they play the last song ever / The last chance to hold each other forever…”

Ed Sheeran takes over songwriting duties on Pretty Woman, not the one you love from Roy Orbison, but a totally new twist to the name and maybe a concert favourite if performed at one. The last track we suggest on this 11 track album is Hotel Crazy featuring Rufus Wainwright with a bit of jazz.

Pop is what Robbie is known for and he sticks to it all the way. The few good moments prove that Robbie Williams is still someone worth paying attention to.

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1) _______ uses a sample of Dance Of The Knights (better known as The Apprentice theme).
a. Party Like A Russian
b. Bruce Lee

2) Mixed Signals, with its electric guitar undertone, has been penned by __________.
a. Robbie Williams
b. Jimmy Page
c. The Killers

3) “Please, don’t let me go / While they play the last song ever …” are lyrics from _______.
a. Sensitive
b. David’s Song

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