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Her beauty

They don’t see her heart,
They just see her face.
She always does her part,
Without any disgrace.

She is like a dewdrop on a leaf,
Dancing lightly by the edges of time.
No corals, no reef,
But an ocean full of pain.

Can you see her tears?
Can you see her pain?
She hides her fears,
Just like tears in the rain.

They fail to see how beautiful she is,
They judge her by her face.
Her feelings are what they miss,
And what lies in her heart is a different case.

In this fake world where everything lasts for a while;
Where others put on make-up,
She puts on a beautiful smile.

Sometimes beauty lies deep in the eyes,
But in this world full of lies,
Beauty is defined by the length of your skirt
And words kill more than they hurt.

Still waters run deep,
You might find beauty where you never thought it to be.
Sometimes her tears flow in the form of ink,
And words search for ears more than lips…