He’s not talking to me now

I’m a 13-year-old girl. I had a crush on a childhood best friend, but I like him now only as a friend. But he is not talking to me; I don’t know why. My friends are pushing me to say ‘hi’ to him. But when I see him I somehow don’t have the courage to do this. I’m scared, what if he doesn’t reply? I am usually quite confident, but when things like talking once again to an old friend are concerned, I am not really good, especially if it’s a childhood friend who was really close to me.

Dear Aarti, at your age crushes come and go. Maybe that boy is involved in other relationships that keep him busy or may be thinking you are no more interested in him, as you do not even say “hi” to him. As you like him now only as a friend, there is no need of being scared. Feel free to smile at him and ask about his parents, with whom you may have gone out for dinner together several times in the past. He will most probably reply and this could revive your friendship. There is nothing wrong in trying to keep in touch with a childhood friend.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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