I met you on the first day,
The only one with a soft curve for a smile, and
The softest eyes for a soul.
Your warm hands grabbed mine
With eagerness; your lips declaring with
Utmost clarity, how glad you were to meet me.
I believed you, that first day.
I felt myself getting lost,
In the vivid way you talked about your dreams,
And there went my heart, fluttering away.
I paid no heed to the warning signs,
To the crooked smile you often bestowed on me,
To the hurried glances you often sent my way,
To the hidden meanings behind a number of your ways.
I grappled along with your unsung promises,
Only meant to flatter but not deliver.
And when it was over, and I lay in meshes at your feet,
The layer of trust in my broken heart, was
Still higher than the walls of faith
You chose to shatter.