How to be a HIT at parties!

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One thing almost everybody is looking forward to, once things settle down, is to go out and party! But some of us are still a little apprehensive about being stranded, or if in company, whether we’ll have something intelligent to say.

Here are some Hi-5 tips to ensure that you are a HIT at any party.

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1. Bring something… anything!

Don’t be naive to believe a host who says; “Just bring yourself!” or “No need to bring anything!”

It would be great to live in a world where people always say what they mean, but we don’t and, if you still arrive at a party empty-handed, after reading this article, then shame on you!

Your gift could be from flowers to chocolates, a book or a bottle of perfume or wine or… anything, depending on your budget.

Believe me, people do appreciate it when you bring something.

2. Dress to impress…yourself.

Most people tend to shop for a new wardrobe for a party, but actually, this is not a good idea. The fact is that a new wardrobe makes most people over-conscious and hence detracts from their ability to really relax and mix around.

A good choice of clothes would be to wear something which has “good energy” and in which you’ve had a good time before.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, wear something a cut above the rest. For example, if you know that almost everyone will be wearing ‘denim’, then it would be a cool idea to wear ‘khaki.’

However, if you feel you’re going to be more comfortable blending in, then wear what you feel everyone else will be wearing.

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