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How to Invest Your Summer Vacation

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Vacations are the sweetest part of a person’s life. Every student waits for these joyful moments. These days, when youngsters are stressed out, a vacation has become an essential part of his/her healthy growth. Parents who have been toiling along with their children throughout the year heave a sigh of relief.

This valuable time should not be idled away, but turned into a valuable investment in the growth of the youngster. A judicious spending of the vacation can help in rejuvenation, strengthening family bonds and enhancement of social relations. This time can be utilized for acquiring new skills and improving knowledge.

Here’s how you can make your summer vacation a fruitful one.

1. Indulge in physical exercise. Play your favourite game. Enrol in summer camps. This will enhance physical agility as well as mental alertness. Yoga camps are held in different places. The physical director of your school or college can help you to take assistance from the District Sports Authority.

2. Time spent with your grandparents becomes a sweet memory both for you and you grandparents. They will joyfully share with you their stories of the good old days and their life experiences.

3. Go an excursion or a pilgrimage with your family. This will refresh your mind, strengthen family bonds and improve social relations.

4. Visit an orphanage or a home for the destitute to inculcate compassion for the poor and the needy. You will realize how lucky you are and how you should be grateful to God and your parents.

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K. Dominic Reddy is a Teacher, Counselling Psychologist and Trainer.

K. Dominic Reddy

K. Dominic Reddy is a Teacher, Counselling Psychologist and Trainer.