I don't know why other students don't trust me

I study in Class 8. Since I am an intelligent boy, I have always stood first in class. But I don’t know why other students don’t trust me. They say that I have cheated or crammed my lessons to get first place in class. They even say that I am not a human and don’t have feelings for others. These words are like an injury to my heart and I feel disheartened. Due to this I am not able to concentrate on my studies.

Dear Anshuman,

Looks like you are interested in your studies and find it easy to score well. Your classmates do see you as intelligent. It is possible that they are simply jealous of your continued success, while they have to work much harder to get good marks. However, they don’t seem to see you as a warm and friendly person; and I can see that it hurts you a lot to be labelled as ‘not a human’ and as someone without ‘feelings for others’. Perhaps they don’t really know the person that is ‘Anshuman’, a person with feelings? If yes, it would be good to reflect on why.

To make friends, you need to be one first. So, let others see your true personality a bit more openly. Take an interest in others; find out what they like and what you have in common. Show that you care.

Use your gift — your intelligence — to help someone who is struggling with his/her studies. Begin with one person, if possible from your neighbourhood or the underprivileged (not from your school/class). It is in giving that we receive. And when others see you as open and giving, they will see you with new eyes.

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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