I don’t want to stay in school

I recently entered Std XI. Almost all of my old friends have left the school. I’ve tried hard to make new friends but the group with whom I have my tiffin break are new girls who were friends in their old school. They ignore me or whisper to each other in front of me making me feel uncomfortable. I asked them if they have any problem with me on any issue… One day during the break when I went to have my tiffin with them they deliberately moved away on seeing me. For a while it looked as if I was chasing them so I gave them place to move away. There are two other girls with whom I could have my tiffin but they are not of my mentality, so it’s almost impossible to stay with them. I have not told my parents about this but I don’t want to stay in this school. I am mentally and psychologically broken down. Please help.

Dear Preeti, friendship is a beautiful relationship of mutual trust that grows with time. You seem to be in a hurry to build new friendships, even before knowing well the new girls that have come to your school. Have patience; give them time to slowly come to understand you and appreciate you. In the meantime, have your tiffin with the other two girls, whom you say are not of your mentality. Be humble and kind to them; you might realize that they are not at all bad and could actually become good friends. You also made the mistake of not telling your parents about this situation. They too can advise and help you in taking the right decision about changing your school.

Dr Anthony Grugni, MD
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Dr Anthony Grugni, MD

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