I feel very lonely and suffocated

During the lockdown we are all confined to our homes. My father is a police officer in another city and I live with my mom and my sister. During this crucial period when parents should spend time with their children, my father is out on duty; though my mother is with me, I feel she too is away. When she finishes her house chores, I help her a little, she sticks to her phone. When I ask her to talk with me she turns a deaf ear. So, I read some books or watch something on the laptop. My parents have removed the TV saying that it would affect my studies. I feel lonely and suffocated.
Meena (15) / Noida

Dear Meena,

You’re feeling quite frustrated and lonely that your mother is emotionally distant even though she is living with you.

The phone seems to have become a lifeline for her. Perhaps she feels that since all is well at home, she can attend to others! She may also be worried about your father. Empathize with her: “You feel happy to connect with dad and your friends on phone, isn’t it?” “The phone is quite a lifeline in these times!”

When you do the household chores, try to get closer to your mother and know her as a person. Ask: What are you thinking about _? What are your views about? Connect over movies, music, news, likes and dislikes.

If you can’t get through to her, share your feelings: “I feel quite lonely and insecure when I don’t get to spend quality time with you.” Suggest: “How about setting aside a family hour each day? Then, we will get quality time with each other, and you will get time to be on the phone, as well.”

While it may take a bit of time…don’t give up! However, if after sometime it doesn’t work, seek help from a trusted adult.

Nasreen Hashambhoy
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