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I have miles to go before I sleep…

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A new decade has begun.

Every year we tend to make New Year resolutions with great vim and vigour but gradually we give it up. This is the usual story of New Year resolutions.

But today we are speaking of a resolution for a decade. It would indeed be a challenge to set such long term goal.

Can I propose that rather than looking at it as a long term goal, we see this as a long time investment for the future?

Rome was not built in a day. Nobody has received overnight success.

Sachin Tendulkar did not become a celebrity overnight. Every role model we have ever admired has practised for a long time and pursued that goal until they reached it.

They have faced hardships and moved out of their comfort zones to reach their targets. They faced failures, rebukes and often were laughed at but they continued consistently on the journey to success.

So if we have dreamt of success, we need to set a plan of action. This plan should be divided into small achievable targets spread over a period of ten years. This will keep our progress consistent.

No giant steps are required, all we need to do is pay attention to the little ones. They may not seem important in the overall grand key of success. But they really are the most influential.

It can be the habits we form, the habits we leave, the books we read, the kind of people we meet, the advice we give or receive.

The thoughts we nurture, the health we maintain, the food habits we choose, the friends we make, the mentors we follow and so on.

They all decide and pave the path to our chosen destination.

This should cover all goals: family, career, finance, status, spiritual and everything you feel is important to achieve your vision of success/happiness in 2030.

Let us take a pledge that we will put in our 100 per cent and make it our mission with passion to find that purpose in life.

All we need is a firm decision of “I WILL NOT QUIT”! I may fall but I will rise again. I will walk, run, fly and become a better me in the coming decade, because “I have miles to go…!”

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Dr Vanashri Valecha is the Education Director of Shriniwas Bagarka Junior College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Mumbai.

Dr Vanashri Valecha

Dr Vanashri Valecha is the Education Director of Shriniwas Bagarka Junior College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Mumbai.