Poets & Poetry

I hope…

Hey you,
I know you’re going through the worst right now.
Everything is going exactly opposite than you thought.
You’re on the battlefield,
Battling for life.
I don’t know if you will win or lose;
Will you be called a winner or a loser?
But I hope
Your life will find a new way to lead,
Hope your kindness will be considered and will stand for you as a shield.
I hope you won’t have to fight for what’s wrong and right,
You’re gonna make it through the thorny streets and darkness
That will surely head over to the bright.
I want you to be alive
To try and hope for the real best,
I want you to move out all the burden you’re carrying on your chest.
I hope that every morning you wake up will bring joy, peace, and happiness.
I hope your wounds will be healed by time.
You’re entitled to dream for yourself
I just want you to look at your faded reflection in the mirror,
And wipe out all the blurred vibes forever.
Just live for yourself.
I hope for the day when,
You’ll laugh to death and happiness will give you the rest of the best!