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I lost him

by Sakshi Shukla (17)
St Mary’s Convent Inter College, Allahabad

I felt stabbed to death by his hands.
Suddenly all of it had changed so much.
My love was unconditional, no demands,
But for him it was nothing important.

I knew I was playing a game I would lose.
But my love would win.
He turned away because I was truthful,
In a world where pretense thrives.

I let go of him,
For you cannot make the wild eat grass.
I let go of him,
For I knew I’d had enough.

He thought I would be broke,
Alas! What a joke.
He thought I would crumble
But I straightened myself out.
For forests burn, walls shake, lives shatter,
Yet all mends…

Published in the November 2016 issue of The Teenager Today.