Poets & Poetry

I love…

I love how the trees sigh when it’s raining.
Like they always knew their companion was near,
That it was somewhere thinking about them,
Just like they kept dwelling in their nostalgia.
I love how the moon complements the darkness.
Like it found peace and turned cold-hearted after its scars were made fun of,
And now it gleams with all its vigour.
I love how the sky blushes at dusk with hues of variation.
Like an artist blends the pigments on a canvas for the love of his life.
I love how the flowers bow with gratitude to the rains
And stand tall gallantly to the sunlight.
Like they expressed their emotions with the Almighty
For all He bestowed upon them.
I love how nature gave birth to individuality,
And never discriminated against its beings.
Like it created us diverse while we ripped off its diversity.