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I wish to know you

by Vanshita Singh (16)
St Mary’s Convent, Allahabad

I wish to disinter your mysteries,
Will you let me?
I wish to discover your passions,
Will you allow me?
Etching my love on your soul,
I wish to feel every emotion engraved on you.
Don’t hide away, I wish to explore your beauty.
I wish to tell you,
That I become a hurricane at your mere glance;
That you’re the universe, that I’ve adored from afar;
That you colour me, with your different hues: the yellows, the reds and the blues.

I wish to know the misery behind that beautiful smile,
The depth of the oceans you hold in your eyes.
I wish to become acquainted with your demons,
Fall in love with your moons and suns.
I wish to fall for your flaws,
Deeper than I’ve fallen for your beauty.
I wish to make your dreams mine now
Baring my soul,
I wish to melt in your love,
Tell me, can I ever be enough?

Amidst your heartbreak and pain, I wish to sit beside you,
To never let you be alone,
Untangle you chaos, make you see the sun.
You be the beautiful constellation, I’ll be one of the many stars that make you.
You be the silent moon, I’ll be the dark night you rest upon.
You be the vulnerable, I’ll be the walls that shelter you.
In all your beautiful and dull hues,
O, my gorgeous chaos, I wish to know you.

Published in the May 2017 issue of The Teenager Today.