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And as he took off he knew,
Some would never be enough,
He would want more,
Always more.

He soared into the sky,
Higher and higher,
Wind in his hair and wax on his body
The joy bubbled through.

The freedom seared his skin
The open air ran a shiver through him,
Unafraid, he faced the sun,
It wasn’t like he was falling at all.

The people watched as he did,
They knew what was to come,
But his eyes were hungry, and soul scorched.
They couldn’t peel their eyes away.

It was a beautiful sight,
A boy, finally free,
As the sea engulfed him,
He laughed like a maniac.

Remembered by the world as a tragedy,
For they only saw that he sank
But the eyes that beheld it knew,
That before he fell, he flew.