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If a rose could speak

If a rose could speak
Her words would have been so antique
Answers would have been in the question itself
‘Cause she’s no less than an elf
Who produces a magical spray,
Which forever would stay
Essence filled…
Fragrance filled…

If a rose could speak
Her body would have been unwrapped so sleek
Not by us
But by her, without any cuts.
I die to witness
And know the reason for her fitness
Which she could have told
Fervently, with eyes wide open would I have listened!

If a rose could speak
She could have shared all that she had endured; unique.
Maybe I could have written her biography,
Or maybe traced her voice in a videography!

If a rose could speak
I would go berserk!
Looking at her… listening to her…
For she’s actually the gem!
She could, in dismay,
Listen to all the sorrows in the world today
It would have been so hard to see her crestfallen.

If a rose could speak
She would have already been declared the best
Without any critique.
With queues around,
As the queen would she have been crowned!