Poets & Poetry

Ignorant world

Just a young girl…
How beautifully she plays the violin.
We’re all too ignorant of this fact,
Because we’re busy noticing her zero fat.

Another young girl, tall in height,
She is confident in it, with no fright.
“Hi, Eiffel Tower,” always wave the brats,
But did you notice she can touch the skies?

There’s a boy out there with no abs,
Don’t question his masculinity
Because that is not man’s only ability.

Hello, Ignorant World, take some time out,
Talk to these beautiful people out loud.
They’re human, so not perfect,
We all have a little bit of defect.

Take some time out,
Hear them out.
Our body is a gift from God,
Respect everyone’s till your own lasts.

We can be fat or skinny,
We can be short or tall,
We can be fair or dark,
But we are humans
And beautiful in whatever we are.