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Ignore the Haters, Love your Life

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Hate is an ugly mannerism. There are many people who are very gloomy or negative towards others. They are of a destructive mind. They hate you if you are beautiful or handsome. They hate you if you are admired or flourishing. They hate you if you are brave or spirited. Taken as a whole, they hate you if you are cheerful and fortunate. They just hate. For one reason or another, someone will find a motive to project their insecurities and diffidence, their unconstructiveness, their fears and their qualms on you and your life, and you have to deal with it.

It is just one set of verdicts from people who perhaps won’t hold a focal place in your life. They look at your prominence, your reputation, your associates, your career, etc., and think that you are not worthy of these things because they are only looking at things at an outer surface level. They do not respect your hard work. They are a jealous people. They hope for your downfall because they want you to mislay the things you have that they don’t.

People will hate you, rate you, agitate you and smash you. But how tough you stand is what makes you. Many hate you because you symbolize something they do not possess. Stay busy with your life and goals so that you do not have time to sit and adjudicate someone else. You should not interfere in others’ personal affairs and should be reverential of your preferences.

One day, a group of frogs decided to race to the top of a high tower. Many people came to see them and give them their support, but the race had just begun when everyone was already saying to the frogs: “It does not make any sense! You’ll never reach the top of the tower!”

Little by little, the frogs felt disappointed and discouraged, except for one of them who continued to run. And everybody cried out: “Give up! Give up! You’ll never get to the top!”

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Shivanand Pandit, based in Goa, is a tax specialist, financial adviser, guest faculty and public speaker.

Shivanand Pandit

Shivanand Pandit, based in Goa, is a tax specialist, financial adviser, guest faculty and public speaker.