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Do you ever worry about how you look? Have you ever wanted to make a second first impression? Many people are self-conscious about how people perceive them. Image consultants work with individuals to improve a person’s image. It is a fun field that changes people’s lives for the better.

What’s this career about?

An image consultant is a coach who brings meaningful, lasting and authentic change in the life of their client by working with their ABCDs, i.e., Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Digital footprint.

They strategically assess some or all of the ABCDs of a client’s image.

Appearance is an important factor. It is not just about telling a client to wear this and not that. They guide their clients on style that matches their current profession and personality, fabric types and care, boardroom attire, current closet, hairstyles and makeup.

Behaviour is all about attitude. Does your attitude reflect the position that you are in? Are you leading by example? Examining a client’s current behaviour and realigning them with the image they want to create and project is where the image consultant comes into play.

Communication is another factor in making sure a client’s image is in line with the position they have now, but also the position they want to aspire to be in. One of the best things about communication is that while it may not be something a client does well now, it is something that can be taught and learned and this is where a good image consultant comes in.

Teaching communication skills is not as easy as saying “Hey, just say it this way.” An image consultant gets to know the client so that they can effectively find ways to improve on the communication skills the client already has and also help him/her find new ways to contribute and set themselves apart from the pack.

In the digital age we live in, many do not understand the importance of maintaining Digital footprint on the web that reflects an image they want to show to the world. One post, one comment, one share or one photo can damage a reputation quickly. It is up to the image consultant to round out their client’s overall image by hitting on this specific target.

They can help their clients review what is currently being seen online and how they can be sure what they are sharing and how they are sharing it is part of the larger picture that is their image and often what others may be seeing before they even meet them in person. Google can be your friend or your worse enemy.

Image consulting is a complete skill and art; it brings you a sense of fulfilment. Many consultants specialize in a certain area, such as clothing, social etiquette or public speaking.


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Dr Vibha Gupta

Dr Vibha Gupta

Dr Vibha Gupta, a feature writer, is a Ph.D. in Mathematics from IIT Roorkee. Her book Careers: A Pathfinder and articles in various publications are an attempt to guide students in choosing a career according to their natural strengths, talents and skills.