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In the dark

The glow of you in the dark at night,
Makes me feel enthusiastic and makes my mind bright.
That white colour of yours in the black sky,
All those negative thoughts of mine passed by.
The hardly visible spots on your face gives my mind peace,
You look beautiful hidden hardly by the trees.
Just you and those white dots in the sky,
Makes me dream that I could just fly!
I wish I could just stare at you and those white dots,
With my mind full of thoughts.
Sometimes the grey clouds hide you,
Which makes the sky empty without you,
But I still cherish you.
You never make me feel alone,
But wait, you are gone!
I always see you glow,
When I see the winds blow.
But sometimes you’re not there,
I feel alone then, be aware!
Your shape changes every day,
I love you still, anyway.
Well, your beauty can’t just be expressed,
Peeping from the window lying on my bed!
I hope we meet soon,
I still admire you, my moon!