Teen Point of View

Increasing number of suicides among students

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: Every hour, one student commits suicide in India. What is your opinion on the increasing number of suicides among students?

Teenagers commit suicide usually because of their studies, lack of motivation, and scolding from parents, friends’ circle, bullying, etc. People often fail to understand the mental state of a teenager. Teenage is a time in life when the individual is very sensitive emotionally. This affects the future of the individual as this is the golden period of a student’s life. Some teens find it very easy to cope with everything, while others find it difficult. This can be prevented if those around the adolescent try to understand his/her sensitive mental state. They should talk to the adolescent about how they are feeling. Parents should discuss any problems with the teens. Teens should pursue hobbies to feel less depressed. Negative thoughts often cause teens to choose the wrong path, causing them to hurt themselves. Better parenting, pep-talking and persuading teens to be optimistic is all that is needed for a teen to be raised properly.
Rudrani Singh
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

India ranks at the top in terms of suicide rate in the world and the majority of suicides are committed by students. The pressure from parents to score the highest marks is one of the major reasons for the increasing suicides among students today. Moreover, due to the lack of student counselling, the situation is becoming worse. Unlimited syllabus in each subject in the education system is making students stressed out even more. The government, schools, as well as each individual, must take initiatives to create awareness among students regarding suicides.
Pamila Lexcy (20)
Women’s Christian College, Tamil Nadu

During their teenage phase, teenagers go through several emotional and physical changes. They come under bad influences which are like an attraction to them. Surfing the internet and social media, getting involved in love affairs and substance addiction are some of the major reasons for suicidal tendencies. During adolescence, youth go through insecurities such as peer pressure, over-expectation from parents to perform well in examinations, racial, sexual or even body shaming online. Helicopter-parenting can also be a reason for suicidal attempts among the youth. They try to find a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and that is to end their life.
Apurva Gupta (14)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

Losing the hope to live or feeling like there is no one for us, getting depressed when we fail at doing something, makes one think “I am of no use, who needs me, then why to live?” etc. Giving hope to youngsters will give birth to winners, instead of scolding them, give them a second chance. Until you lose, you won’t win. If we do so, many lives will change.
Sonu Joy
Darshana Institute of Philosophy, Sawangi, Wardha

Every hour, one student in India commits suicide, but why? Nowadays, the pressure of studies imposed on children is the main cause. Some parents force their children to fulfil their dreams, even though their children do not find interest in that particular stream and are not able to cope with their studies. After getting admission in colleges, sometimes junior students are harassed by senior students to such an extent that they become very embarrassed and think that suicide is the only way out of the situation. Parents should understand the interests of their children and support them, so that the child never thinks of committing such an act.
Aadya Kumar (12)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna, Bihar

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” A suicidal feeling is not a character fault, but a strenuous situation that is uncontrollable. It is a brave deed to face death and students should use this fortitude to confront life, to gain skills to overcome depression, and to find the firmness to keep moving. Crisis lines, supporting networks, sensory strategies to relax, meditation, breathing techniques can challenge any self-defeating thoughts. Remember: “Problems that seem hopeless have solutions”.
Harnishya Palanichamy (15)
Hebron School, Ootacamund

A study reveals that India’s large proportion of suicides occur between the ages of 15 to 29 years. These deaths resulted from poor relationships with parents, excessive expectations, the feeling of being unwanted, poor understanding of their peers, romantic relationships, etc. Family background plays an important role in determining how young people cope with despair. To avoid such a situation:

  1. Mental health and wellness should be added into the school curriculum.
  2. If students are self-motivated to face failures, there will be no tendency to commit suicide.
  3. Cultural or religious beliefs can discourage suicide and promote healthy living.
  4. Good support and communication from family members can enhance the mental health of students.
    Abina Binu (16)
    B. V. J. M. H. S. S. Perumpadave, Kannur, Kerala

The thought of meeting their parents’ huge expectations triggers a student’s mind, and when a student fails in the process, it makes him/her doubt their potential and efficiency, leading to depression and finally suicide. The only way to reduce a suicidal tendency is to bridge the communication gap between parents and their children. Students should be counselled and encouraged that failure is not the end; rather it’s the stepping stone to success.
Gauri Sharma (16)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna