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India’s population: Liability or asset?

OCTOBER 2017 TOPIC: Is our population a liability or an asset for the nation’s growth?

With the population skyrocketing every year, it is time to look at it from a different perspective. Population increase can be an asset and work wonders for the development of the country if the talents of our expanding population are used to the maximum extent. India is the second most populous country in the world. A large population can be an asset as it has mixed talents which will subsequently lead to progress, fame and prosperity.
Nafisa Sabir (17)
Independent Junior College
Rural Institute, Amravati

If we look at the fact that China is number one in terms of population but they have utilised their population in a positive manner and they top in every possible sphere. We have the largest human resource – their power can be utilized for development, education and in providing jobs. Population increase can work wonders for the development of the country if talents of our expanding population is used to the maximum extent. Our population can be an asset as India is the second most populous country in the world.
Shweta Mhatre
ICL College, Vashi


India is the second most populous country in the world. The ever-growing population has put pressure on the limited availability of resources to cater to their needs. These people consume the resources but do not make any effort to balance the natural resources. If the growing population develop their skills and are properly channelized for the growth of the nation, they may become an asset for the country. Human resource is the most important of all the resources. So, if these resources are developed then surely our nation would change from a developing, to a developed nation.
Vishakha S. Keswani (19)
Kanoria College, Jaipur


Population increase can work wonders for the development of the country if the talents of our expanding population are used to the maximum extent. Large population can be an asset as it is mixed talents which will subsequently lead to progress. We have the largest human resource; their power can be utilized for development and education.
Divyanshi Jadon (13)
St Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra


A growing population is a liability for our nation’s growth. The high growth rate hampers the economic development of India. It is one of the main reasons for unemployment, formation of slums, global warming, pressure on infrastructure, resource utilisation, decreased production, increased costs and inequitable income distribution. The government should come up with measures to control population growth. Studies show that India will soon surpass China’s population rate which should be considered as a warning to India.
Dhanya Jha (13)
St Francis Convent Inter College, Jhansi


Undoubtedly our population is an asset for us and not a liability. It is like, you can work as much as you have energy and our population is energy for us. All we need to do is manoeuvre it in the right manner, at the right time and encourage and help the youth to understand what is right and avoid bad. For example the game Blue Whale; if our youth can commit suicide, just to complete a game task, how much they can contribute for the nation? If we can encourage and guide the youth in the right path our population will be a boon.
Adhyaru Vrutti M (21)
Patdi, Gujarat


According to me our population in the present era is a liability. As far as we have seen our nation’s growing population isn’t helping India to grow much. On the other hand it is giving rise to problems such as unemployment, anti-socialists, and development of slums. What we need right now is awareness and determination to help our nation grow. Why don’t people stand up against the wrong education system? Why are children and teenagers left to handle the tremendous pressure and become a prey to traps like the Blue Whale Challenge and drugs?
Sanvi Sharma (14)
St Anthony’s Junior College, Agra


Our politicians and planners usually take population as a liability as they are unable to fulfil their promises and duties. But if population is taken as an asset it can do wonders as it means a large number of human resources. This human resource consists of different talents and skills. If these skills and talents are put together, they will give rise to huge human capital. But if not utilized, this population explosion becomes a burden and results in shortage of resources. This creates poverty and corruption. India’s GDP is just 5% out of which just 3% is used for country’s development as 2% of GDP is used in solving problems related to overpopulation. Hence population turns into a disastrous problem if not utilized.
Dhivya Malhotra (14)
St Joseph’s Convent, Jalandhar


The population of India is probably both a liability and an asset. It mainly depends upon literacy and youth power. With more literacy and youth power our population can surely be an asset for nation’s growth. It will help to improve our economic conditions as seen mostly in the south — in states like Kerala. But on the contrary if the population is illiterate it will result in being a liability for our nation. The North Indian states show such impressions. Thus whether the population is a liability or an asset will differ from region to region in India.
Sejal Shingne (15)
Fatima Convent School, Achalpur


I think that our population is both a liability and an asset to our nation. It becomes a liability when the government is not able to feed and shelter the people, and when it is not able to control crime. But it becomes an asset when we give importance to the huge amount of talent, manpower, diversity and the variety of ideas cropping up.
Gouri Indi

Rising population can be an asset, but if not channelized properly it can be a liability for the nation’s growth. The able working population in India must be transformed into capable working people. Numbers alone do not matter. A growing population of young people becomes an asset when it has the skills to become an economically productive segment of society, otherwise it ends up being a burden, consisting of more mouths to feed. This problem can be tackled at different levels; we must utilize our manpower and skills rather than blaming the rising population.
Helan Benny (18)
Bharath Mata School of Legal Studies, Kochi

An increasing population can be considered both an asset and a liability. If we channelize the population in the right way then it will definitely be proved a boon. But in India rapid population growth has manifold effects. One of the most important being environmental degradation and over-exploitation of natural resources. We can convert population into an asset if there are more young educated people working for the development of the country. Our growth in education and technology is quite encouraging but I think that right now our population is little bit more a liability than an asset.
Ananya Srivastava (15)
Jeevan Marg Sophia Sec. School, Deoria


It is true that our country is greatly affected by the increasing population; natural resources are being used in large quantities which lead to resources being drained out. There is much unemployment and as a result people indulge in committing crimes. They acquire money by doing wrong things. Lack of resources, poverty, hunger, unemployment, corruption, etc., are the main reasons that our country does not develop. As we make effort to progress day by day a control on the population will help India develop more. When we enable the people to earn their daily bread to satisfy their hunger, development will gradually take place.
Arshdeep Kaur (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

Population of a country is one of its biggest assets. But it also depends upon whether the country makes proper use of it. Our country boasts of having the second largest population in the world and it contributes towards large manpower for the nation, but it has also posed several problems for the nation — problems like poverty, illiteracy, high crime rate, etc. Hence with the increase in population the government also should help people to make productive contributions for the growth of the country. Thus we can make good use of our big population.
Senjuti Saibal Bhattacharya (17)
St Joseph’s High School and Jr. College, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai

It is rightly said, “People are the supreme power”. Population is power because population and development go hand in glove. A country without population is like food without spice. There is no danger in having a big population; rather it can contribute to the future of a country. Developing intelligence and knowledge can surely help in building a developed nation. Therefore according to me our population is really an asset for a nation’s growth.
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar