Teen Point of View

India’s 1.3 billion population — a bane or a blessing?

TOPIC OF THE MONTH: On 12 July we observe World Population Day. Is the 1.3 billion population of India a bane or a blessing?

A rising population can never be a blessing in our country, as India is already overpopulated. In order for India to manage its population growth, it needs to be able to offer jobs, increase educational institutions, health and infrastructure, which is presently lacking. The country needs to put in place the right policies to maximize the potential of its people and their growth.
Keira Ferreira (15)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Bandra (W), Mumbai

An increase in the population raises the demand for various essentials and goods. It will act as an incentive for producers to set up more industries which will bring economic development. A growing population will help in increasing the national output of the country and we can benefit from new talented minds of the younger generation. But at the same time it becomes quite difficult to feed people as the agricultural sector is still not fully developed. With a drastic increase in India’s population, there is a high rate of unemployment. Low level of per capita income reduces the purchasing power of the people, resulting in a lower standard of living.
Josita Dsouza (15)
Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Kalina, Mumbai

India’s increasing population is leading to food and water scarcity, depletion of natural resources, life-threatening pollution, hunger due to extreme poverty, amongst other issues. The present generation, and both society and the government should work together to solve this problem. If not, future generations will face a scarcity of resources.
Sneha Philip
Father Agnel School, Greater Noida

The growing population in India has put an unnecessary burden on our resources. A poorly-managed urban system and stinking slums are glaring examples of population explosion. This has put a strain on the medical and financial services available to the nation.
Janisha Bhatia (13)
St Joseph’s Convent School, Jalandhar

With a growing population, we have seen a growth in intellectuals such as doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. We have multi-talented people in sports, arts, music, etc. So we should be proud of the growing population. But an increasing population results in rising unemployment, and due to this most of the youngsters will have to suffer.
Trisha Lewis (10)
St Charles School, Vakola, Mumbai

The population of India is increasing per year due to factors like imbalance between birth and death rates and high illiteracy. An increasing population exploits the limited resources that we have. Overpopulation has several disadvantages, the foremost being unemployment which leads to poverty, health problems and a waste of resources.
Unnati Bhardwaj
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna

India ranks second in terms of population after China. But is it really something to be proud about? Some things can be viewed as pros: no shortage of manpower, higher economic growth, etc. But is it worth the cons it comes with? Unemployment leads to creation of slums, higher carbon footprint, strain on resources, low quality life, increase in waste, etc. Developed countries have a low or stable population. India may soon have to adopt methods to stabilize the population, a major step towards the economic and social development of our country.
Grace Dsouza (16)
St Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Though the increasing population seems to be a burden, an increase in number of hands will accelerate the chances of the vision of making India reach its target of a $5 trillion economy. The start-up trend is giving an opportunity to youngsters and local businesses, thus increasing the GDP of our country. A higher population leads to higher economic growth and takes the country to remarkable heights.
Gauri Sharma (16)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna

The efficiency of the population of a particular country is largely dependent on its human resource. Human resources can be developed by providing skills, education and good health facilities. India, with its abundant resources, is still an under-developed country in comparison with other nations in the world, because of the lack of human resources. Thus, its population is more of a bane, but if we contribute towards improving the education and health facilities it can be transformed into a blessing.
Shreya Tiwari (14)
Father Agnel School, Greater Noida

Although India can boast of the world’s largest young workforce and economic growth potential, population problems are huge and daunting resulting in detrimental and economic consequences, including over-farming, deforestation, global-warming, eutrophication. Population explosion is a curse, retarding the true development of the country.
Rashmo Mehta (15)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna

“The hungry population cannot be fed until and unless growth of its resources and growth of its population come into balance.” (Herbert Hoover) On one hand, India’s population size presents a tremendous opportunity for growth and development; but on the other, it poses significant challenges for managing its resources such as food and water, and most importantly, environmental pollution. This increasing population is a massive problem for the country’s future. Ecological degradation is the biggest problem caused due to the increasing population. Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water, and soil; the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. If appropriate actions are not taken to control this problem, we and our future generations will be in great hazard.
Nainshi Sharma (15)
Father Agnel School, Greater Noida

A population of 1.3 billion is a bane. Due to overpopulation, facilities and opportunities are few. Increased carbon emissions contribute to global warming, and due to this the temperature of the Earth is increasing day by day. Employment facilities are decreasing and poverty is increasing in our country.
Jahnavi (15)
St Joseph’s Convent High School, Jethuli, Patna