Eyes shut but heart open
Blue sky but yet seen as black
Watching as the wind blows from
East to west, North to South
But I can’t seem to feel
Its cool breeze.

Summer in the midst of winter
And heartache in the midst of love
Birds chirping sweet melodies
But only the nightingales know the
Depth of the sadness within.

Beauty without its wings
Turned into an ugliness with meaningless
Broken screams
A mind of doubt but yet a heart and soul
Filled with faith.

An old memory!
Suddenly brings in the feel of antiquity
Poetry expresses one’s soul
But yet it’s far more beyond the feeling of the soul touch
The heart wants what it does
But it’s the mind that weaves into
Ecstasy of what could be
But yet might just be
Tides in the ocean another
Winter’s tale on the rise.

Palm trees, so fruitful
But yet without fruits
Break the broken patterns of
Fruitlessness into a blessing abundant
Music to the soul, though unheard by the heart.

Certain but yet complex
Is the understanding of that which is
Already yours
How complicated to explain the

All that follows are question marks
To an indefinite today
Tomorrow is not known
But the Future can be shaped to what you