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Is humanity alive?

Is humanity alive?
I stared at the birds,
Exploring the depth of the sky.
Different colours, shapes, sizes
Covering the infinities of the sky.
How I wished to escape
And fly far away!
Amidst this dreaming,
My eyes focused on a little girl.
Too young to die of starvation,
Knocking on doors,
Pleading for food.
But all she got
Was slamming of wood.
Not losing hope she moved ahead
A warm-hearted lady greeted her
With some cold bread.
The satisfaction her smile gave
Was worth a million dollars.
Though hungry,
She placed the bread in her bag.
Unable to resist I asked,
“Why don’t you eat it?”
She said,
“My siblings are hungry, too.”
Her words left me speechless.
In a world where siblings kill each other
For property, money;
This innocent soul restored my faith,
That was long lost, in humanity.