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Is this love real?

by Tanishka Jain
St Conrad’s Inter College, Agra

Should I confess my feelings that are all in mess?

I keep wondering about you day and night

Then I convince myself that love is nothing but a myth.


At night, I think of you

You whisper in my ears, “I love you too.”

Hold my hand and promise me forever,

You’ll be by my side and leave me never.


Hold me tight, my head on your shoulder

That light is warm, yet I feel colder.

His heartbeat I could feel,

My sleep he did steal.


That instant a thought broke my dream

What if this love is not real?

Maybe it’s just a mere fantasy?

Maybe friendship is just concealed?


It made me cry, my heart felt pain

Loving him, was it in vain?

I do love him, am I being dumb?

My soul is shaken and I go numb.

This poem has been published in the November 2015 issue of The Teenager Today.